The Biggest Mistake Successful Women Make With Their Husband Is…

It’s not your fault, but you weren’t taught that your man (and your marriage) can be an integral part of your success strategy.

And I’m not just talking about sharing household chores.

Divvying up responsibilities and creating an equitable relationship is good for your to-do list, but it doesn’t activate the most powerful energy between the 2 of you – one that is not only very s3xy and fun, but that will also take you to your next level personally, professionally and creatively.

Everyone is telling you ways to get more done and how to enlist your husband so that you’re not carrying the mental or emotional load.

But that’s a mistake.

If you’re focused on just getting stuff done, you’re going to lose the fun, the play and the passion in your marriage – AND IN YOUR WORK TOO.

You’re sending yourself the message that how you feel is less important than what you do – and that’s a sure road to burnout, resentment and a glass ceiling on your success.

So how do you make sure this doesn’t happen?

Just now, I just took a break from writing this caption when my husband walked by so we could flirt and touch, instead of the logical + efficient thing to do which would be to tell him “I need 5 more minutes to finish this and then I’ll close my computer.”

Now my energy is 🔥 and so is my connection with my husband, and my clients and everyone who has the privilege of interacting with me today are going to benefit from me being my best and most alive self.

Playing with your man will activate an unstoppable energy inside of you that I call your “Unique Feminine Essence” – and it makes you magnetic AF instead of busy + tired.

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