Cure for Mom Guilt (really)

Has this ever happened to you?

I was having such a sweet good night ritual with Paz cuddling and reading and connecting…

Suddenly, I felt guilty that I haven’t been spending enough time with her these past few weeks while creating and launching my new podcast Women Healing.

And then I breathed and felt the intensity of the feeling in my body and as I relaxed with it, it turned into such profound love and joy for my daughter.

Because truly I love her SO much that I want to be with her more.

I didn’t need to subconsciously control how intensely I feel by turning it into something critical that shames me and shrinks me (shame is one of the emotions I work with deeply to unravel in my clients and myself – as well as paying attention to your body and your reactions and making sure you’re doing what feels really good for you, not how you’ve been conditioned to react).

So instead I breathed and made space for the feeling of LOVE to flow energetically through me.

I followed this good feeling into creating a thought then made a decision that I would spend lots more time with her these next weeks – especially now that it’s just her and me at the beach while Dan is managing our home reno.

So here we are enjoying our day and time together – just like I wanted + decided 🙂

We’re excitedly waiting for 2 dear mermaid goddess enchantress friends to come visit and play, while I’m topless by the pool documenting this embodied lesson so I could further digest it and share it with my clients and you (I teach through my lived experiences).

I’m about to join Paz in the hot tub, where she’s reenacting Let It Go (of course), which is blasting on the speakers.

Oh and she’s delighted about life right now because she just learned about the word “patio” and she thinks it is remarkably HILARIOUS 🤣


And I love to practice letting life feel so good – because it’s all about welcome in and relaxing with intensity.

As a Somatic Therapist, this is what I love to teach my clients how to do.

If you’re curious to learn, how good you get to feel – and how good it gets to be – without the guilt ❤️- DM me “have it all”.

Can’t wait to chat xx

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