Are you doing this and choking the magic out of your relationship?!

Are you doing this and choking the magic out of your relationship?! 👇

(PS – It has NOTHING to do with what’s happening in the bedroom!)

I had a heated conversation in my DMs with a woman who wrote a post about female empowerment, completely bashing the “soft girl” life.

She talked a big game about how as women we need to work harder to get what we want because we’ve been oppressed by society. 😪

I wrote to her and asked, “What’s the problem with living a soft girl life?”

*Keep reading to hear exactly what I told her*

The problem with hustle culture, especially for women, is that it promotes damaging language about real choices the modern woman makes for her family life to work.

For me, the soft girl life is everything!

✨I run a successful business that gives me the freedom to work when I want, where I want, and with who I want – making multiple six figures and enjoying every second of it

✨I have a juicy marriage where my man and I operate as a power couple, elevating and growing together

✨My life consists of lots of pleasure and play, doing things that feel good by enforcing my boundaries and standards

But it wasn’t always this way for me. I was a tough, power b*tch for all my life until I finally got off the hamster wheel. So believe me, I know corporate culture better than anyone.

As women, we’re conditioned to believe we have to behave more like men in order to get what we want.

These generational patterns were modeled in our parents’ marriages, but also because we are working in corporate cultures that were built by men.

Here are the biggest problems I see with this culture…

❌ In order to be “good” we’re made to feel guilty for wanting to achieve more, have more, and do more, as it comes at some sort of detriment to our families

❌There’s a shame that exists in being too feminine. This creates a feat of self-misogyny and the belief that femininity is a weakness in the workplace and beyond

❌Society tells us that there is powerlessness in the feminine

The real problem for women is energetic mastery, and learning to effortlessly dance between the masculine and feminine.

What truly chokes the magic out of a relationship is when we’re operating from our masculine all day long in our high-powered careers and businesses, then come home to our husbands unable to switch into the feminine and allow flow, surrender, and play.

It’s not about ditching the strong, boss side, but rather learning how to switch gears and bring the power of the feminine into every element of your life.

In my work, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact when women stop sacrificing themselves. Instead, they embrace their desires as a guiding north star.

My clients have affirmed the belief that you can be soft and powerful at the same time. ✨

The whole world opens up for you when you start operating from this potent energy.

Deepening in divine feminine energy is one of the pillars of Wildly Successful Woman, my next-level women’s collective for a rich + easy life.

Wildly Successful Woman is the space for women who are ready to have it all AND feel supremely fulfilled in all areas–marriage, money, mentorship, business, career–with the support of a sisterhood of powerful women who inspire, elevate, and share in success together.

If that’s you, send me a DM or comment “WANT” below and I’ll respond with details on how to join. 👇

Are you doing this and choking the magic out of your relationship?! 👇

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