Ever go through a “dry spell” with your guy?

Ever go through a “dry spell” with your guy?

Don’t be embarrassed to admit it. We’ve all been there.

Recently, my husband and I went a month (maybe more haha) without getting it on because life got in the way, we had some really hard things to deal with.

We were busy/distracted/tired and focused on other things that we needed to prioritize instead.

It’s so easy for that to happen, right?

If you’re not paying attention, you find yourself in “I-have-a-million-things-to-do” warrior woman mode…

Where pleasure, ease, and being connected to your inner magic feels very far away or completely inaccessible.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Having it all means holding it all – the good, the bad, the riches, the relationship, the rocky roads… all of it.

It doesn’t mean having to feel disempowered and resentful.

And it certainly doesn’t mean doing it all.

Let’s normalize a culture of women who know how to tap into their most powerful energy – rather than always being in “get shit done” mode.

This opens you up to experiencing a life (and career + relationship) that is always bringing you gifts, opportunities, money, surprises and more of what feels good!

Because that’s what life can be – when you turn on your inner Vagenius + activate your receiving energy to let it all in.

It’s about making the shift from being on the hamster wheel (which will never stop btw) to learning how to go within and connect with your magnetic AF power that commands everything you want.

This is the shift that allowed me to tap into my feminine energy and break that dry spell last night…

And then again today. 💦

Because we don’t do “dry spells” for very long in my world — we get stimulated and have fun – so that everyone wants to play with us or pay us or say YES – whatever you want, goddess. 😉

Want to feel fully alive and call in this magic every day?

In my best-selling pleasure activation journey, Turn On Your Vagenius, I teach you how to effortlessly awaken their inner magic to experience more self-love, ease, and pleasure in every area of your life.

Like I said, we don’t do “dry spells” for very long in my world.

So get inside, babe!

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