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Join me and the thousands of women who
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Hey Gorgeous, I’m Michelle-

I’ve been obsessed with creating an epic life for as long as I can remember. 

But it’s no fun enjoying it alone. I want every woman to have the best of the best in everything–your relationships, family, and career–without sacrificing, compromising, or feeling guilty.

And that’s why I’m known as the Have It All Queen.

I’ve helped so many brilliant, accomplished women dissolve their upper limits, so they can feel deeply satisfied and lit-up in life as successful entrepreneurs, professionals, wives and mothers—by elevating standards, leaning back and being served, and putting pleasure, joy and connection first.

As a Wildly Successful Woman, I walk my talk. I’m a happily married mama, entrepreneur, speaker, and rebel who broke free from my immigrant family’s expectations, abandoning a lush yet unfulfilling corporate career to mentor women who know their worth and refuse to settle.

I’m a Somatic Therapist, NLP Practitioner, and creator of the Have It All™ Method and host of the acclaimed Women Healing podcast.


This is OUR movement of women knowing what we want & ALWAYS getting it!

It’s a VIBE!

Come join me!

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