To The Woman Who Tried to Shame Me

To the woman who tried to shame me + the other women on my post celebrating the masculine partners in our lives by saying we made other women “feel bad” for honoring our relationships and how much we love our men…

No. ❌

The world is full of complaints, “nothing is going to change”, vilification of men, and the normalized dissatisfaction of women.

You don’t get to come to my page and try to make other women feel guilty for being happy.

If you’re in my life, I am going to show you how GOOD it gets to be.

You’re going to see women celebrating everything that we have – and that we intentionally create in our lives every day by having important conversations, healing our trauma, setting boundaries, being clear about everything we want, having high standards and prioritizing our needs and longings.

Having it ALL.

Without guilt or shame.

And if this awakens a longing within you for better – for yourself, your partner, your family and your children – good.

And if it also hurts – it’s ok ❀

Your pain is a messenger. πŸ’Œ

When are you going to honor + listen to it?

It’s trying to tell you to stop sitting in what doesn’t feel good + MOVE differently.

Expect better.

And know you are worth it + deserve it, πŸ‘‰without needing to hurt others to get it.🀯

There are tools you don’t know yet that WORK (instead of you having the same old conversations that lead to the same old disagreements over and over. That’s called being stuck.)

I don’t operate in a “misery loves company” space.

We don’t bitch about our husbands and roll our eyes at the incompetence of our partners while sucking it up and doing things we hate, perpetuating patterns of women never getting what we want.

My clients, my friends and the women in my world break generational patterns of martyrdom unconsciously passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers.

The cycle of unhappy, unsatisfied women stops with us.

I’m truly sorry for any woman that was raised to expect less, and to shrink your happiness so as not to shine too brightly and ruffle any feathers – the truth is, I was too.

I was always too much, too demanding, too loud, too big.

But that shaming and shrinking stopped with me.

We don’t do that here – certainly not to other women who have the audacity to proudly be happy and enjoy it.

Celebrating magnifies the energy of what we want – and it’s one of the tools I use with my clients to help build the momentum of having more even more joy.

I love inviting my clients to celebrate ALL the things we want more of – big and small – and challenge them to let it be even better than we can possibly imagine by asking “How GOOD does it get to be for you?”

If you’re unhappy – or settling for less and don’t know how to get unstuck – take the step to talk about it with me or another expert who is here to give you the tools and stop the cycles so you can make it different.

We help women by lifting each other up, not by cutting any one down.

Maybe you’ve never seen an example of this before.

I certainly never did until I joined my first women’s circle in my mid-20s and slowly started to dismantle the armor around my heart from the pain I experienced in my childhood.

It’s called growing + expanding through pleasure, joy, inspiration, possibility and DESIRE (instead of being controlled by your pain, frustration and fear – or trying to avoid it).

I’m a trained Somatic Therapist + NLP practitioner who has helped thousands of women have a life, relationship, family and career on your own terms in my Wildly Successful Woman group program, my legendary micromind chat groups and 1:1 coaching.

You get to have it all AND feel as good as you want to – and be loved, supported and cheered on by other women who are growing too.

All women do.

If you’ve changed your life (or relationship), share with me in the comments. I want to celebrate how good you’ve got it!

We are all privileged to create + experience better for ourselves.

And it starts with DECIDING that you can too.

Women’s happiness IS my inspiration – I love seeing you win + I LOVE teaching you the easiest, simplest, most fun ways to do it.

More than you can believe is possible – that’s where we’re going together. πŸš€πŸš€

Updated question: What do you think – is it β€œwrong” to celebrate and be proud of how good life can be? Does your joy make others feel bad? Is that ok? Let me know in the comments below or join the discussion on this Facebook post!

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