You can’t have it all.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs women face is that you have to choose between your family, your career and yourself.

“You can’t have it all.”

I’d like to offer myself as an example of someone whose business keeps expanding + thriving the more I slow down, so that I can spend time with my family or whatever else I choose that brings me pleasure.

I won’t lie – it was very hard in the beginning.

I put a lot of pressure on myself – I had big goals, I was stressed and I had a lot to do to move as quick as I thought I needed to go.

And my husband hated it.

I was bitchy.



Anxious. All. Of. The. Time.

I could be in the same room as the people I loved, but I was always miles away in my mind… constantly thinking about my work.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of the love for what I do.

But it was because of the intense energy and hustle mindset I was using to push things along so I could reach more people faster, make more money, grow quicker and be a “success”.

The problem was, I didn’t FEEL like a success.

Until I realized everything my husband was fighting with me about – “Put down your phone.” “When can you close the computer?” “Can we talk about something other than work?” – was actually him taking a stand for my health, happiness, fulfillment and peace.

And that of our family, including our 4 yr old who is watching her mama build a business.

I had to learn how to do it all in a way that felt really good, made money and made me happy.

I owed it to my family – but you know what?

I owed it to myself.

I’m so f*cking grateful my husband stood up to me, in spite of my stubborn ass.

And that my ego got over itself and the lies I told myself like “He just doesn’t understand how hard it is for women.” 😡

And “Why does it have to be HIS way?!” 😖

Because now I love my business AND my life.

Everything is set up to support me and how I work best.

If I have a shitty day, systems are set up so I can’t get in the way or self-sabotage.

A big part is having support – my coaches, and my VAs, and the amazing community of clients and peers I’ve built online.

We all have each other’s backs 🙌🏼

But most importantly, the biggest focus is on my ENERGY and making sure I FEEL as good as I want to every day, as a baseline.

🙌🏼It’s the permission I give myself now to relax, slow down, prioritize what feels good, take care of myself first, and stop using stress or fear or anxiety to keep moving me forward.🙌🏼

Most women don’t know how to do this – we were raised by stressed out moms holding it together and we internalized this way of operating.

Dan helped me to break the cycle.

He always believed in me, and never let my tendencies of stress, anxiety, and self-sacrifice get in the way of me being happy and feeling good while I’ve built my business and this amazing life.

Because he always saw a better, healthier and more fun way for me to be in my power.

And that’s what you deserve too.

Someone to see the BS you’re putting yourself through and call you “in” – with love – on a better way to do and be who you want, while feeling fcking amazing every day.

You can’t have it all.

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