Ever go through a “dry spell” with your guy?

Ever go through a “dry spell” with your guy?😱

Don’t be embarrassed – we’ve all been there.

#Realtalk – my husband + I went a month (maybe more haha) without getting it on because life got in the way and we were busy/distracted/tired and focused on other things that we prioritized instead.

It’s so easy for that to happen, right?

If you’re not paying attention, you find yourself in “I-have-a-million-things-to-do” warrior woman mode… where pleasure, ease, and doing what you really want to do feels very far away or completely inaccessible.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s stop normalizing life as being just one thing to deal with after another, shall we?❌

Being in β€œget shit done” mode means you’re stuck dealing with sh*t that drains you every day (ugh)…

Instead of waking up every day prioritizing what feels best for you as the way to stay on top of your game, take care of your responsibilities and be the mom and wife and woman you want to be.

Because that’s what life can be for you – when you turn on a special energy inside of you called your Vagenius + activate your receiving energy to let all the good stuff in.

It’s about making the shift from being in busy mode with all the hustle + to-dos OUT THERE (which will never stop btw…) to learning how to go within and connect with your magnetic AF power that makes your experience of life, motherhood, work, dating, marriage, and money making feel like it’s working FOR you and actually give you pleasure and fun.✨

Much like my man did last night.

And then again today.

Because the women in β€œTurn On Your Vagenius” don’t do “dry spells” for very long – why would we?

Life gets to feel good!!πŸ”₯

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