You’ve been CONDITIONED to keep your man small.

You’ve been CONDITIONED to keep your man small.

I hear a lot of women feel like their man isn’t doing or being “enough”.

“I wish he was doing as much as me.”
“I wish he could keep up with me.”
“I wish he would make more money.”
“I wish [insert whatever way your man is disappointing you here].”

And I get that.

When you’re a woman with big dreams and goals and desires, you want it all – and you want your man to be on your level.

But the WAY you’re trying to make it happen will never work. Ever.

Because you’re focusing on what isn’t happening – which keeps you both stuck in a destructive cycle where he pulls away from you the more he feels your disappointment and you keep feeling more and more disappointed.

When my clients start working with me, the most important thing we do is take your focus (and frustration) off of your man…

So that we can turn it back onto you + your pleasure.

Which is IRRESISTIBLY INSPIRING to your man.

Which means my clients are celebrating their men for things like:

🔥Selling his company for a million dollars, so he can spend more time at home enjoying his family and spoiling his wife – and buying their first commercial real estate property for generational wealth.

🔥Becoming a best-selling author, speaking at Harvard and getting published in the Wall Street Journal after spending a romantic month living in Paris together for fun.

🔥Closing the most deals ever at work, and taking his wife on a gorgeous trip to France + Italy where he made the plans and reservations so she could enjoy la dolce vita.

🔥Go from millionaire to billionaire – while making her the most important focus in his world – so he’s building her own private yoga studio and surprising her with gorgeous diamond jewelry – but also dancing in their undies in the kitchen and sleeping intertwined after having the hottest sx ever, totally in love.

And so much more.✨

This all happens when you EMBODY your Goddess Energy (pillar 1 of my Embodied Satisfaction Method).

You glide through life with the energy of a high-value woman who knows that she always gets what she wants – because you embody your worth and everybody wants to play and create with you. Especially your man. You simply decide what you want, relax, and focus on what feels good. Magic🪄.

Combine that with being Unapologetic about your Desires (Pillar 2 – knowing EXACTLY what you want without shame, guilt, shrinking or needing to push or defend) and learning how to come together with your man to create Divine Partnership (Pillar 3 – being in connected, supportive, co-creation with your man who wants nothing more than to honor and build with you) – there’s nothing you don’t get to enjoy.

My company isn’t called “The Satisfied Wife” for nothing (yes single babes – this world is for you too!)

DM me or comment “Have it All’ – so you can experience total satisfaction in our relationship that overflows into every aspect of your life – and be in total awe of your man as you finally experience his King energy in your life.

Break the intergenerational trauma of holding your man back from being everything he wants to be for you. 💋

You’ve been CONDITIONED to keep your man small.

Need more support?

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