Not getting what you want in your relationship?

Stop doing the logical thing!

🗣 Your man won’t respond best to your logic #realtalk, and you’ll both feel frustrated that you have to TELL HIM (again) what you want and need.

You have to start with your energy.

When you stop and give yourself what you need first, something magical happens.

You set a standard for how you get to feel, and your partner responds to that energy of self-love – instead of your “he messed up again” energy.

The best thing you can do is to focus on creating an environment where your needs are always met – starting with YOU.

By shifting your energy and setting a high standard for yourself, your partner will naturally respond to your needs. They will respond to your self-worth and treat you with the love and respect you deserve.

It’s about creating a dynamic where your partner wants to meet your needs, not because you demand it, but because they are drawn to your energy.

So, let go of the need for explicit instructions. When you radiate self-love and set a standard for how you deserve to be treated, your relationships will transform.

Are you ready to ✨shift your energy✨ and experience fulfilling relationships? It’s time to take care of yourself and set a standard for the love and respect you deserve.

Comment below ⬇️ or send me a DM 📩 if you’re ready to create a relationship dynamic where your needs are naturally met and fulfilled.

Not getting what you want in your relationship?

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