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Guys it’s me, it’s Michelle Keinan, The Have It All Queen. And I am so excited to be here for this kind of impromptu but like super, there’s been so much build up for this live because this live is the first one of a seven day project. Right, today’s January 11th. It’s 111, such an auspicious day. In one week it’s January 18th, which if you’re Jewish like me, the number 18 is such an important number.

It also happens to be my birthday and so this whole week, these seven days, is going to be leading up to this incredible culmination, the last day which is my birthday next week, where I’m going to be sharing a special gift that has been in the making for over for like a year. Almost. Like at this point. So stay tuned. I’m so excited to share it.

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Now, this gift that I’m going to be giving you guys in a week, like, I’ve been pouring my heart and my soul and my best energy into. It’s been a year in the making so if you know already that you want it for all my girls here, that are like “Michelle give me the goods”, I know you got it just shoot me a DM and save videos or just drop a comment below and say videos so my team can put you on the list. And you guys can get it’s Sneaky cheeky early right away as soon as it drops and for everyone else that wants to be like a little bit of a tease and be like all right let’s see what this girl’s got going on. Hey Cynthia! All right fine make me work for it I don’t mind.

All right! Shall we get started today?

I’m so, so, SO excited! So today I want to talk about being a rebel and this is kind of crazy because I actually never thought of myself as a rebel but the women that I work with and the women on my team are like, “Hello?!”

You know the way that I always thought about it was that I just, like, I do what I want and I don’t know if it’s luck or whatever it is but the way that I was born. Tell me if this resonates for you, if you have this experience, it’s like I always knew inside of my body what was right for me. What I wanted. What, where, what choices I wanted to make. What food I wanted to eat, the way that I wanted to dress, the people that I wanted to hang out with, the experiences I wanted to have. It was always so clear for me. Maybe it’s a sacral generator thing, if you’re into human design.

But I know a lot of women can struggle with this, right? Because for our whole lives we have been taught to shut up that voice inside of us; to clamp it down. Right? Like when we were kids, what do we hear? You know be seen and not heard and don’t make too much noise and don’t be too demanding… And I have a four-year-old now so I’m raising the future generation. A little girl and so that stuff is coming up a lot you know, but like we get a lot of messages about what’s appropriate behavior and what we’re allowed to be.

And also, that reflects in what we’re allowed to want. And my whole life I always knew what I wanted. Right? But a lot of times I would get met with opposition from the people that love me; from my family that were like no that’s wrong, you don’t look good in that outfit. And that food is gonna make you fat and you shouldn’t hang out with those people, those are the wrong people and you want to study that in school, like you’re never gonna make enough money and you want to wear your hair like that, like why? Like straighten your hair, like you know you you…

It’s so many things like I could even tell you I’m already thinking. Some of like the really up stuff that I heard when I was growing up right like oh you’re so beautiful but if you would only like lose some weight or if you would only like stop cursing so much or like whatever. Right like all of us have heard these things have gotten this feedback from our families right or from the people that love us which is why it’s so freaking confusing because a lot of that noise or a lot of the raising that we had or the input that we got I came from a place of Love or purported love but a lot of times it went against what felt good for us right or from who we know that we are and what we wanted to be and I know for me I always had that Clarity inside of me right like my clients know this story of when I was in summer camp and I was like a 13 years old and I got up on a trunk in my bunk and I had a belt and I whipped it into the air and I was like I know what I want and I always get it like I just always had that feeling inside of me right now everyone’s different with conflict but with me when I got no from my family when I got this kind of from people around me it made me fight back harder I couldn’t accept it right like because there’s two ways that we are made to feel shitty hey hey everybody it’s popping on say hi if you’re here I love it I love everybody that’s coming on right there’s this this this way that we’re made to feel shitty for wanting something and people are criticizing us about it and then there’s this other way that we feel shitty when we agree with them and when we stuff down who we are right and that voice and and what we really want to fit in or just to smooth everything over or to be agreeable or to be good little girls or good daughters
or or behave or whatever that conditioning is that we kind of had right and I’m here because you know I a lot of people it’s it’s been really interesting I’ve been in this game for a long time I’ve been doing healing work for 10 or almost 12 years at this point like you know and and a lot of people don’t don’t know me right there’s a lot of new people in my world you might know me from past weeks past months even a past few years and I want you to know me right like it’s Capricorn season it’s my birthday in a week like is about to go down in my world and my community like with my clients so much incredible stuff is happening and the way that I got here right like is by never being what other people expected or wanted me to be and I never thought of it as being a rebel but I’ve been told I’ve been educated okay this is like rebellious Behavior because it’s so important it’s so important like I’m here for all the women that feel wrong or bad for wanting things their way for wanting to do things in a way that feels right for us inside but everything around us is set up not to work in that way like we all exist in a system and the system’s built to keep going right but we are in the system you are in this system and you own yourself you are responsible for yourself but when we’re growing up we don’t feel like we have that power and even when we’re teenagers even when we’re in our 20s and there’s no rite of passage right like some people think I’m an adult when I vote when I drink when I have sex when I have a kid but the rite of passage for being a woman is one we own who the f we are when we become Unapologetic about ourself and when we let go of all the guilt and the shame and the pressure and the should and the obligation for who we’re supposed to be or how we’re supposed to be because here’s the thing this is your life this is my life this is our life right and if we’re gonna fulfill everybody else’s expectations if we’re gonna do everything the way that everyone else is teaching us how to do it if we’re going to be good girls right if we’re going to follow tradition or follow the rules I don’t know if you ever heard this this definition of tradition that I love so much the tradition that’s just peer pressure from dead people and the more we follow that peer pressure the more we do things by the voices that are in our heads from when
we’re criticized by our moms or when when we were made fun of as kids the more we’re living a life that is so disconnected from what we really want and what really feels good for us which is how we know if it’s right for us or not and some right I was born that’s why I was born to be a rebel I was born to not be able to ignore that voice and for so long I learned how to fight against the world fight against my family fight against Authority in order to be who I am and and get my needs met but I don’t want to fight right and so why I’m here why I’m having this conversation for you and and with you for myself truly is there’s a way to do that and have that without fighting there’s a way to be a rebel and to be true to yourself that involves owning the out of who you are and it’s so cheesy loving every inch of yourself because what does that like even mean like of course we all have bad days when we don’t like love our hair our bangs are doing funny things or whatever but like when you own when you’re Unapologetic about yourself and who you are and what you want this energy inside of you this that that piece of you that you’ve learned is wrong is bad is unlovable is unworthy it stops running the show and without that energy subconsciously driving everything you don’t have to Rebel anymore right.

Like, I always equated rebelling and doing things my way with fighting and with pushing and with taking a stand and with being strong and and so much of what I see around in about feminine empowerment and women empowering women is about that is about speaking louder and pushing harder and demanding more and fighting fighting fighting and yeah there’s a hundred percent a place and a time for those things but for the women that are in my world and if you’re attracted to me it’s because you see everything that I have and the way that I live and and it it looks good but it also feels really good and it’s because I feel really good and it’s because I own who I am and I went through a huge trial by fire growing up where I was rejected by my family right I was I’m the daughter of immigrants of refugees I’m the first American in my entire family there were all we were always out of place not speaking the language not wearing the right clothes like trying to fit in trying to figure out the system like and so and then I in my family like like the the way to handle that would be to to fit in to go to the right college to get the right job to make a good enough money to live in a good neighborhood to dress a certain way to do my hair a certain way to have a certain kind of partner or to be married by a certain age or whatever all these freaking rules or ideas for what we’re supposed to be and by what time and I just couldn’t do it I could never do it and I was such a disappointment and my family was so worried about me and they thought I was crazy and and and I thought those things too
until I stopped thinking those things until I stopped needing to fight or push against anything outside of myself and started to connect with this energy inside of me of approval and of love and worth and just like my main character energy and and it was such a transition it’s when I finally started to feel like a real woman like a real adult when I didn’t have to prove anything to my mother when I didn’t have to prove anything to my community when I didn’t have to prove my worth when I didn’t have to prove my value when I didn’t have to prove my expertise and so many women are unconsciously living that out you’re still trying to live up to an ideal or an expectation set by somebody or that you see around you and it’s not doing you any favors I know it didn’t do me any favors either and I suffered for so long and so many women I see suffer and if you feel like you’re suffering because you’re a rebel or you do things different I’m sorry and you don’t have to suffer and I just wanted to say I love you for that I love the way that you do things different right A lot of times we think of rebels as like being super Punk or dressing very alternative or you know but being a rebel just means showing up in your life in your family in your community just for yourself in the way that’s the best for you that is a giant Rebellion right we’re taught to fit in and just to go with the flow and do things the way that everybody’s doing those things and I just want you to understand I want to invite you into like the freedom and the fresh air that happens when you stop doing that when you stop trying to force yourself when you stop putting that pressure on yourself when you stop oh trying to be good and what’s really cool about that is how healing it is and I never expected it because for so long I had such a hard relationship with my mom and with so many people that didn’t understand me and there’s so many people that have me blocked on Facebook and back then I’m like why why can’t you see I’m so good I’m so lovable but here’s the thing that happened that I never expected to happen and that I really wanted to share is the healing that happens when the people that really love you come back around and love you for who you really are and not who you’re forcing yourself to be in order to be accepted or be approved of or to be part or to be successful and it’s such a powerful thing for the past Generations like my mom witnessing me in this and the kind of amazing relationship we have now and I’m gonna talk about healing your mother wound in a few days if you want to stick around and with my daughter being that example for our children of being unapologetically ourselves and and just being in such acceptance and such ease and what it does to our businesses to our level of success to how much easier it is to make money to have a fantastic marriage to be loved in your marriage so many women you don’t know how much you’re rejecting the love that your husband or that your partner has for you so many women don’t know how to accept that level of love and care that your man wants to give you in your friendships so that you can have really deep Sisterhood level friendships with your clients who just love you for everything that you are and not this perfect version of who you’re supposed to be and no mistakes and and just in yourself in the relationship that you have with yourself and when you have that level of acceptance of worth of just I’m the I’m just great right it’s not even an arrogant thing it’s not even like I’m better than you.

it’s just I’m perfect and I’m great and I just everything I want like of course I’m gonna have it because the way that you’re showing up in your life the way I’m showing up in my life it’s like of course of course we get those things of course we get to be fulfilled that’s when life gets really really good so for anyone that’s in the struggle I want to say I see you and for anyone that’s ready to exit out of the struggle just stay in my world stay in my life or shoot me a DM remember at the beginning of this video

I have a very cool free gift that I’m launching in a week which is just like everything I’ve been working on this past year in terms of my new methodology and the way that I work with women to help them be wildly successful. So you can comment ‘gift ‘GIFT’ for that below or just shoot me a DM and say hi and say gift and I’ll send it on over to you when it’s ready.

I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m gonna be sharing so much of my life and my journey. To be a have it all queen with you over these next seven days and then we’re gonna have a really big reveal and party on my birthday on January 18th together so that you can be a wildly successful woman that has it all too! All right. I’m good. I’m good. I love you guys. I’m gonna go do a beautiful session with my private client and her husband and y’all are the best. So I’ll see you guys soon. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. BYE!

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