I know I’m making the right decision for me.

I don’t have a “normal” life – but I used to.

✅I went to school and got a degree in something “employable” (instead of Ceramics – which was my passion).
✅I got a “good job” in marketing (instead of being an artist – which wasn’t even an option as the daughter of immigrants).
✅I dated the “good on paper guy” for way too long (before I finally broke free and met and married my husband… who was too short, too bald, too weird and too broke… but that’s a story for another time 😉)

And at the pinnacle of my corporate success – making multi-6 figures with a corner office in Manhattan, fancy dinners, a wardrobe full of designer clothes and luxury vacations….

❤️‍🔥I left it all behind to become a healer #SomaticTherapy and do everything “wrong” in order to make me happy.

It was the best decision I ever made.

And I’m reminded of this as I’m choosing to do a whole lotta “wrong” things in my business again today – even though I’ve invested so much to be “successful” – so that I can be truly fulfilled again.

🤩I’m canceling a bunch of “obligations” (no “shoulds” for me, they suck energy).

🏆I’m deprioritizing hitting the “right goals” (yes I love making money and buying all the things, but let’s be honest – we already everything we need and what’s most important is how we feel 💯)

🥳I’m enjoying my life (we never get this moment back, ever).

It’s scary as fck to stop what’s working to make sure it’s aligned and truly right for us.

But as I talk to more and more women who have built “successful” businesses and careers but are stressed, tired, sick of the emotional “it’s never good enough” rollercoaster and are killing themselves keeping up with the boss babes who keep bragging about how much money they’re making…

I know I’m doing the right thing for me.

And I’d love to mentor you to make the right decisions for you so you get to have the marriage, career and life of your dreams too ✨

Are you making any changes in your life so things feel more aligned? Let me know!

I know I'm making the right decision for me.

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