“It can’t be THAT good…” 🫣

“Yea right, it can’t be THAT good…” 🫣

I was talking to a really cool woman in my DMs who is interested in Turn on Your Vagenius, but was giving me the side eye because the claims and results seem “too good.”

“Michelle – there’s no way you can elevate my entire life in 21 days… it’s just too much hype, and I know what it takes to heal and grow: the dark nights of the soul, the self doubt, the shadow work, the trauma we have to unpack.”

To which I replied…

Of course. healing work CAN be hard… but not all the time.

A lot of the healing world is obsessed with fixing you and healing your wounds, which leaves you feeling like you’re a never ending problem to solve – and it’s not only exhausting but it makes everything harder than it needs to be if that’s the only place you keep digging.

For those of you who want to want focus on that part of your healing journey, Turn On Your Vagenius isn’t for you right now – I hold space for that inner work in my longer 1:1 process and the Wildly Successful Woman program.

But this is a reminder that you don’t have to suffer or struggle to have the inner or outer breakthroughs.

It gets to feel better and be more fun (even if it isn’t always easy).

Turn On Your Vagenius is for you if you want to go deeper with your pleasure practices + amplify your inner magnetism so that magical things like this start to happen…

🔥You soak in the bath carefree while your man puts the kids to sleep… then swoops you into bed to rock your world and send you to dreamland too

🔥Problems (and people) that once stressed you out easily disappear and resolve themselves without you needing to get involved, as you remain unbothered to live your best life

🔥New clients, job offers, promotions, and opportunities pop into your inbox, with comments like “Your energy is amazing – it made me want to reach out!”

🔥You walk with ease and confidence, knowing you are the sh*t, feeling you are an unstoppable force… because you’re in your “of course” energy and babe, it’s all happening!

And these are ACTUAL results – not some fluffy BS.

Look, I’m not sorry – Turn On Your Vagenius IS THAT GOOD.

I’ve run it 4x with hundreds of testimonials and repeat participants who love the experience, the practices are beyond incredible (whether you’re new to this work or think you know everything about “pleasure” and embodiment and are ready for some new things to play with), and honestly…

I wonder what would happen to your entire life if you chose to focus on feeling good and prioritizing your pleasure and embodying your sensuality for 21 days, in an incredible group of women upleveling and loving life alongside of you?

How much BETTER would everything feel – including you?

How much EASIER would life get?

What AMAZING things would start to happen?

I invite you to end the year with me in your best energy, expanding all your upper limits and let’s find out. 👇👇

"It can't be THAT good..." 🫣

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