I did something crazy unprofessional today…

I did something crazy unprofessional today…😮

I ate a steak while I led the group call for my Wildly Successful Woman group program.


Bc I’m terrible at time management, had a busy day, and was starving by the time I had to get started.

So instead of suffering through it, I did what I teach my client every day:

🔥I let go of what was “proper” or acceptable.

🔥I listened to my body (it was HUNGRY)

🔥I gave myself permission

🔥I told my clients my truth and shared what I needed, without feeling guilty or “wrong”

🔥I ate my steak (it was DELICIOUS) and modeled the way I wish all women would show up in their lives, careers and relationships:

Unapologetic, knowing that what is best for you is best for everyone else too.

Imagine if I tried to do that call hungry?

I would be distracted and tired, unable to show up in my best for everyone.

Imagine if I criticized myself that I didn’t plan my time properly?

I would be thinking about myself instead of focused on my clients and serving them.

Instead I owned what I needed, took care of myself AND we had the most incredible call where women celebrated how amazing their lives are, living in their pleasure + free from pressure, falling deeply in love with their husbands again, being taken care of, healing, happy.


For you and for everyone in your life.


That’s what you get to experience once you stop sacrificing yourself to be “good” and own how good you get to feel.

It’s the fcking best.

Let me show you how easy it can be.

Last chance to join Turn On Your Vagenius! We start TODAY!👇🏼

I did something crazy unprofessional today…

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