Not exactly the happiest place on Earth… BUT!!

#Realtalk – Disney wasn’t the happiest place on earth…

🥱I was up at 6:45am every day to book rides #momlife

👎It was super crowded + the lines sucked.

☔️ It poured every day.

👹I don’t like how I look in a single picture.

But you know what?

Every person at Disney would say goodbye like this:

“Have a magical day!” 🪄✨

So, I decided to listen to them 👍

Which is why I’m celebrating:

👏An amazing birthday for Paz, with lots of princess meetings (bc I planned the best trip + made all her dreams come true #bestmom)

👏Even though we were soaked, no one got sick!

👏A gorgeous hotel room, where we ended our nights in a jacuzzi tub eating apple slices and

sharing our favorite moments of the day.

👏Our baby girl is 5 and thriving! We did that!

👏Disney is expensive AF – and it’s a pleasure to spend our money on the best food and whatever we wanted without worry.

👏A great vacation with my mom and zero fighting or stress, and actually even fun – this was UNFATHOMABLE even up to a year or 2 ago – I am just wow by this #healingmilestone

👏Being mostly offline, and getting notifications every day for amazing women signing up for my Turn On Your Vagenius program – because everything is always working out for me and the more fun I have, the more successful I am on every level.

Magic is real, when you choose it.

And we’ll be making a lot of magic together inside of Turn On Your Vagenius because I’ll be

showing you…

🪄What’s possible when you tap into your next-level energy for 21-days

🪄Amazing practices and rituals that will have you embodying your goddess vibe, elevating your inner and outer worlds

🪄The healing power of being in a circle with other incredible women as we weave our magic together

By January, you’re going to be celebrating with me every single day, feeling like a Queen who knows how to honor herself + tend to her every need (self-care on a whole other level of depth).

I. Can’t. Wait.

Wishing you a magical day!

Are you gonna take me up on it?😉

Not exactly the happiest place on Earth... BUT!!

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