Set Yourself Free

I’ll admit it – I’ve been out of Alignment since the massacre last Saturday.

And I’m saying it out loud because:

💖I’m human + I’m living through a trauma – and I don’t have to hide it to pretend to anyone that I’m strong or “ok” in order to be powerful

✨One of the most important parts of my Have It All(TM) Method is pulling our blocks and wounds out of the shadows so we can recognize and heal, instead of pushing away and staying busy to avoid our pain

👏I want to do and be and feel different, so I’m going to get honest about what isn’t working so I can shift into what is.

Because I can’t be a leader and the phenomenal teacher that I am if I’m not practicing what I’m preaching and staying healthy and happy (#integrity)

So here’s what I’m doing differently:

1️⃣I’m disconnecting from social media + the news, instead of doomscrolling and feeling overwhelmed by the levels of anger and hatred and justifications for violence against my community.

2️⃣I’m reading books again! It feels so good to get lost in other worlds, instead of torturing myself with the horrors of this one. I’ll take all your book recommendations please!

3️⃣I’m dancing and laughing and getting lost in the beauty of nature and connecting with my sensuality and physicality, instead of sitting in front of a screen.

4️⃣I’m turning to my family and community, receiving support from my beautiful network of healers and coaches and friends who want to be there for me and support me, instead of tuning into the car crash energy of those who want my people obliterated.

5️⃣I’m all in with my clients – celebrating all of their wins – and bathing in the energy of these beautiful women who have committed to making their lives and relationships incredible, no matter what life throws their way.

Because we’re going to LIVE and enjoy and be the women we want to be and have absolutely everything we want in this 1 crazy life.

And I’m here to share a new blueprint for creating a beautiful life and future for our families, alongside other powerful women in this world that also want different.

We all go through sh*t, but it’s up to each of us to choose HOW we move forward.

The answer is own who the F you are, love yourself fiercely, raise your standards, invite and inspire the world to meet you at a new level, and have the time of your life feeling your absolute best and most powerful watching it all come together – better than you can possibly imagine.

You know you can’t afford to wait another moment accepting less.

And I’m the mentor who will teach you exactly how to have it all.

Right now.

Set yourself free.

Reply “I’m here for this!” and let me know!

Need more support?

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