I gave myself permission to feel the disappointment

A perfect example of the delightful experience of manifestation:

I’m planning to take a nature walk after my ceramics class today and was bummed to realize I didn’t bring my headphones and couldn’t listen to music.

I gave myself permission to feel the disappointment in my body (and breathed and did one of my somatic practices for about 10 seconds), and then my mind quickly found the gift in this situation:

I wouldn’t get distracted by being on my phone and I could be fully present on my walk and hearing the sounds and I’m sure I’d get an amazing idea download and so really it was great that I didn’t have my headphones.

Thank you Universe for always looking out for me!

And then I put my hands in my pockets and touch my headphones case 😂

And the universe is having extra fun with me because there is only 1 headphone in there, so I will get ALL the manifestations I desires:

Music and Presence with nature.

I am so fricking abundant with options and whatever I need, whenever I want it!

Thank you! 🙏🏻

I gave myself permission to feel the disappointment

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