I’m sick of coaches bragging about selling their $100K packages.

I’m sick of coaches bragging about selling their $100K packages.

I got sucked into this world when I first joined the online space, too.

It sounded so exciting and I admit I tried to gloat about my financial success.

I wanted to prove I was successful and “worth” working with.

Sure, I’ve had a few $50K sales months … but I’ve also made multiple 6-figures working in a glamorous job in corporate America.

I left that world because money + success never filled the deeper ache inside of me for a deeply fulfilling life… and it kept me on this constant chase for dopamine from “winning” – instead of being able to truly enjoy what I already had.

My clients are real people that I respect and love – and it’s a privilege that you pay to work with me.

I’m not going to celebrate that energetic exchange by reducing it to “I just made $20K while in the hot tub” so I can look cool on the internet.

It’s just…off. 🥲

I’m so much more proud of who you become when we work together in my coaching containers.

And yes, that includes the money you make and new heights you get to in your career and business – but it’s only a part of the pie, not the entire damn cake.

Look – I love money and success – and I’m not here to vilify anyone that wants it.

⚡️ My clients have doubled and tripled their incomes because of the confidence they’ve developed working with me

⚡️ Their husbands have received promotions + raises because of the way their marriages have evolved to make them feel more powerful

⚡️My clients have celebrated million dollar milestones after learning mindset techniques and embodying Empowered Matriarch energy for next-level success

Money can give you so much freedom – it’s why we can travel the world, send our kid to a preschool that shares our values, buy real estate, and grow our wealth. 💖

But if the way you’ve set up your life (professional + personal) doesn’t feel good, I’m not interested in how much you’re making or what you’re buying.

Having been at all ends of the financial spectrum – and having been raised by refugee parents from a Communist country where you literally couldn’t buy things in stores or be wealthy – I love money. 🤑

But I love having a good life ❤️ – and wealth is only PART of the equation.

I love being a happy mom.👩‍👧

Enjoying my marriage. 👩‍❤️‍👨

The journey of building businesses with the love of my life as co-founders, biz partners, co-parents, lovers and friends.

Having lots of time to do what makes me happy. 😉

Enjoying deep friendships with women I respect and admire and grow with.

And truly the icing on the cake: mentoring women like you who are ready to have it all – on your terms. In the way that feels BEST FOR YOU. 🔥

Whether you want to make millions (yesss let’s do it!) or have the best marriage on the planet or travel the world or finally prioritize yourself.

Or… all the things simultaneously!

That’s what I mean by having it all – owning who you are and what you want and loving yourself so fiercely that accepting less – or feeling “less than” – is no longer an option.

That’s the power of my Wildly Successful Woman program.

Join a sisterhood of high-achieving women in this five-month powerful container, where you’ll raise your standards and tap into your feminine energy + magic to watch every area of your life uplevel effortlessly.

What does life as a Wildly Successful Woman look like?

💜Every action is dedicated to feeling good and aligning with your truth—shedding the unnecessary “have-tos.”

💜Work less, earn more, achieve goals effortlessly, letting your authentic personality shine.

💜Release the pressure to conform—work passionately because it feels right, not because you have to.

💜Forge genuine connections with fellow high-achieving women in the collective, and empower each other through elevated conversation.

💜Adopt practices and undergo mindset shifts that transform you into a powerful, confident force—knowing you’re exceptional yet supremely relaxed and in flow.

Ready to see how easy and fun life gets to be?

There are only 2 spaces left.

This is the last time we are offering Wildly Successful Woman at this price point – prices go up TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT EST!!!

All the juicy details are in the link in the comments below. 💦

DM me now to join us.

I’m sick of coaches bragging about selling their $100K packages.

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