Having an Unf*ckwithable Partnership – Transcript

we are now live on Facebook too hello hello everybody oh I’m really
excited to be here tonight I’m going to be telling you guys some untold stories
some risky some scandalous things that you might not know about me and what it
takes to have the unapologetically best
relationship ever with your partner especially with your masculine partner
if you’re a powerful woman like me so hello if you are new here it’s your girl
Michelle Keinan I’m also known as the have it all Queen and you are joining me hi oh my God people already on I love
you too tell me who you are I can’t see I’m on stream yard so I can’t see who everybody is if you are here live let me
know leave your name tell me what’s up say hello and if you’re catching the replay do hashtag replay or hashtag
after party or like whatever just tell me that you were here so I can come back and Vibe with you tonight’s live is a
juicy one and it took me a few minutes before I pressed live to record because
I was just like a little bit nervous actually I’m gonna have a frog in my throat I’m definitely nervous
because I’m talking about my relationship hi Sandy oh my biggest fan
I don’t know if you’re my biggest fan you’re gonna have to leave a lot of comments on this life to Peru it to me
but I’m so excited that you’re here um I am going to be talking about the real real of my relationship with my amazing
husband Dan who first of all I’m just gonna give a massive gratitude and Shout out because he’s doing bath time right
now he’s doing bedtime right now so that I could be here doing this live and I
want to say oh my husband is my biggest supporter but I also want to have real talk with you because there was a period
of time where he wasn’t my biggest supporter and surprise things haven’t
always been perfect in our relationship and so that’s why I was a little nervous to press the button because when I talk
about stuff when I talk about my life um especially my containers my clients know this I’m like brutally honest about
what is going on and in these seven days um of lives that I’m doing leading up to
my birthday on Wednesday January 18th I’m being like very real real with you
guys about a lot of stuff about my past about where I came from because sure it’s great that I’m the have it all
Queen right but who gives a if I was born having everything and life was always easy and we always had like
billions of dollars like no I have a reason I have a story a journey of how I
became the Habit all Queen and I’m sharing it because I want every woman every woman to feel as wildly successful
as I do with the firm belief in understanding that of course you can have everything that you want of course
it gets to be easy of course that life gets to meet you at this high level that
you set for yourself Health without you needing to be angry or pushy or demanding or yell that you just get to
like feel your best and be your happiest and it’s in that Vibe and in that energy that you get absolutely everything now
I’m speaking a lot to women that know how to work hard right like I am a hard-working woman I’m a multi-preneur
I’m a mom I’m a wife I’m a homeowner I’m a Visionary like and I actually like
working hard right and I also like not working hard I like magic I like getting
whatever the I want in the easiest way possible I like I like thinking something and being like wouldn’t it be
so awesome and then like five minutes later it happens and I even like when is hard being like you know what
I’m I’m done being frustrated I’m gonna put this away knowing that it’s gonna resolve itself like it actually happened
with the DMV this this week I had such a crazy thing my license almost got
suspended and I got so frustrated sitting on hold and pressing for operator and they’re like sorry we don’t
know what you’re talking about and I was like ah and I hung up the phone and I was like you know what it’s just going to resolve itself and it did
that’s the kind of magic that I’m talking about where we can step away from our frustration we can step away
from like needing to push harder and trying to figure everything out and take care of everything and do all the things
and watch as the world around us as our husbands as our children as our friends
as our clients as our bosses as our moms as everyone just like meets us at this elevated level because life is so
fun when that happens am I right so um if you want to know more about that I’m actually dropping a free gift
that’s one of the reasons I’m doing all these lives on my birthday I’m giving you guys a free gift that I’ve been
working on for basically a year at this point I’m so so so excited so if you know that you want it just drop a
comment and say gift or shoot me a DM and say gift or give it to me or I want it now that’s the vibe I love giving
women what they want I love showing you exactly how you can have what you want but today it’s all about relationship
right and so for those of you that have been in my world for a while and I’ve been doing healing work and mentorship
work for gosh 10 12 years at this point I love it give it give it to me
um I love you we have so much fun together so I’ve been doing healing and mentorship work for 10 or 12 years at
this point I’m a somatic therapist I am a neuro-linguistic programming
practitioner I use so many different tools and rituals and energetic
embodiment of like Mind Body Spirit emotion like all of it right I teach you
how to hold it all so that you can have it all and I do that in your career in
your life in your relationship and since the pandemic started I actually was focusing on relationships because when
the pandemic hey baby oh my God my husband’s here I thought you’re giving positive baths are you watching me while you’re giving her a bath so for the past
two years I was focusing exclusively on relationships because when the pandemic happened right and everyone went into
lockdown all of a sudden we started hearing about divorce rates going up in
other countries and suddenly right all these people are stuck at home with their spouses and all the things that
they were able to ignore in their relationships um you kind of couldn’t hide from that
anymore right like you were stuck at home with your partner you had to have a come to Jesus or like come to
terms with like oh my God like who did I marry you had to deal with all your problems all your that came up like
the world is going through this crazy trauma and everyone’s stuck at home with their partners and like all the things came up and a lot of people write their
relationships fell apart there was a lot of divorce there was a lot of Reckoning and so I really focused on relationships
for these past couple of years and I’m gonna talk about my relationship today I want you guys to know why I focus on
relationships and that’s because actually I me and my husband Dan who
have have a really untraditional but very traditional in a way relationship right I’m I’m All About Duality I’m all
about all the things so um so on the outside right it would look like you know heterosexual couple we’re
married we own a well we own a few Homes at this point we have a kid and a dog
and like you know do we have a white picket fence well we have sort of a falling apart old white fence that we
had to replace at some point but um but our journey to here right like has been
very very very very very very untraditional and um and I wanted to
share it because in order to have the Rel like this this live is called like having an
unfuck-withable partnership like what could that look like like I was talking to a client earlier today and something
that we were talking about was in my mentorship when I work with women I never tell you what you’re supposed to
have or what you’re supposed to do right like I don’t I mean I have a methodology I might have it all method but I don’t
tell you this is exactly the actions you need to take in order to have this one thing because who how can I tell you
what you should want or who you should be or what should feel right for you or what your relationship should be like I
know what I like I know it feels good for me I know what me and Dan want and how we want to live and what our values
are but who am I to tell anybody else what it’s supposed to look like and be like for you and it’s up to each of us
to understand like what do we want like what do you really want what do you want it to be like and when you’re in a
relationship you’re just so lucky right because you don’t have to do it alone you have partnership and
momentum and double the resources with a whole other person that not only loves
you to pieces but their success their well-being what’s possible for them in
life is directly interrelated to your success and your well-being and what’s
possible for you in life like nobody can love you more nobody can give you
more than your partner but so many women don’t know how to access this level of
partnership right so many women when they first come to me excuse me they are
frustrated because they feel like they’ve hit a wall with their husband or that they don’t know how to explain like
they feel like they keep telling him what they want but he he’s not paying attention or he doesn’t understand or or
or maybe he’s dumb or maybe he’s not emotional or maybe he’s distant or like
a lot of women are frustrated with their masculine partners and so there’s a lot of like rhetoric out there a lot of
and propaganda out there that like men are they’re like weaponizing their incompetence right like they’re
purposefully underperforming as a way to like get at their woman like he’s he’s
loading the dishwasher incorrectly to with you so that you’ll load the dishwasher correctly and maybe that’s
what it might feel like in your house for some of you and what I want to offer you is a glimpse into another
possibility another way right because I I don’t know Dan if you’re still one of the two people watching on this right
now um you know my husband knows that we get frustrated with each other we
miscommunicate and especially right like um damn is not from this country and so
actually for both of us English wasn’t our first language my first language was Russian Dan’s first language was a mix
of Spanish and Hebrew he grew up in the Middle East I grew up in Queens New York
and even though we’re both Jewish and we’re like oh great we found each other like shared culture we are wildly
different creatures wildly wildly different people how we communicate is
different the way that we use vocabulary is different our energy is very different what isn’t different though is
our vision for our future like the shared goals we have and also how much we both desire for each other to have
everything like I I want to be happy and I want Dan to be equally as happy and
that’s that’s a lot of where my zero compromises philosophy comes from me and
Dan one of our first fights I remember I told you guys I’m gonna like share all the things one of our first fights was
um we were arguing about something it doesn’t matter and I said babe you know if we’re gonna have a great relationship
we’re gonna need to learn how to compromise and that was something that I learned how many of you guys learn that
you need to compromise in order to have a relationship or in order to like keep the peace or whatever and I remember him
saying compromise I will never compromise and in that moment I was like
oh like who am I with like what am I doing I’m with a person that’s never gonna give in that’s never going to give
me what I want or need but I learned a valuable lesson that day right limiting beliefs like getting triggered right I
learned a really valuable lesson from him and it’s changed our lives and it’s so part of my methodology and what I
teach every woman that I work with that you don’t have to compromise that you can get absolutely everything
that you want and your partner can get it too because there’s always at least one scenario where you both win
and an amazing relationship is where both of those people where the two of you are working hard or you’re just very
open to or you know that you’re gonna find that sweet spot where the both of you 100 get what you want because what
happens in that moment is that your wildest dreams come true like what happens is better than you can possibly
imagine because not only are you happy fully in getting everything you need but your partner is Happy fully and getting
everything he needs as well and that’s when really cool stuff happens but in order for me and Dan to get to
this place we had to go through a lot of stuff okay and we met under very random
we met at an ashram actually in Upstate New York um I had just gotten out of a
relationship the wrong relationship and I was planning on moving on leaving New
York City because I was was like done with New York um I’d broken up with the guy that I should have married the good on paper
the right guy that was just like not really for me and if you watched my live that I did yesterday I spoke a little
bit about that like really following your path and what’s right for you and not just doing what other people approve
of or what they say that you should do right um and and so we met on an ashram and when me
and Dan met he didn’t really speak very good English or we didn’t really understand each other and I was like oh
he’s cute this is cute but like I would my eyes where I’m leaving I’m moving to Berlin I’m changing my whole life and
I’m going to talk about that actually tomorrow my journey to Berlin how I went from corporate marketing to healer
and mentor of women um and I’m gonna share that with you guys tomorrow and um and so I was like
or whatever this is gonna be like a cute little fling I’m leaving I’m not falling in love like it’s not going to be anything serious and so we spent this
year um like deciding like no we’re cool we’re cool we’re cool and falling madly
in love with each other I remember actually the first time I told him that I loved him I screamed it at him because
I was so angry that I had fallen in love with this person when I swore I wasn’t
gonna fall in love and I wasn’t gonna have any attachments in the city I was going to go to Berlin and be free and do
whatever the hell all I wanted and so many twists and turns right and and that’s the power of relationship in case
no one’s ever told you yet is being in relationship creates all of these incredible opportunities if you’re open
for it your partner is supposed to challenge you he’s supposed to push you he might even be supposed to frustrate
you and force you to see other options see other ways of doing things like not
let you get stuck in what you think is the right way because a lot of times we have blinders especially my type a women
out there my successful goal getter women you know the way to do things and there’s a right way to do things and it
needs to be this way and a lot of times right when we get in that zone we’re just in control or we’re in our
masculine energy or we’re so in our brains and we lose the pleasure we lose the freedom we lose the fun we lose the
creativity we we lose the energy the life force energy in us that lets life
be magical and interesting and surprising and that lets other people
show up and surprise us and support us and give us all of those things your
partner my strong women out there he’s supposed to break you out of that shell
but you might not know that which is why I’m telling you right now because I certainly didn’t know that over a decade
ago when me and Dan got together and he frustrated the out of me in so many different ways and we’ve been through so
many things together so now you know we’re co-parents and we’re co-founders
of multiple businesses we own real estate properties together we’ve traveled the world together
we’ve been through a very long conception journey together we’ve failed at many things together
um we’ve moved all over the place together we’ve done like so many things and throughout that I never knew like I
never knew this wisdom that I’m sharing with you and it’s what I teach the women that I work with in my habit all method
it’s why it’s so important for me right I’m not only teaching you how to be like your Unapologetic elves so that like no
one can with you and you feel like you’re your highest and your best and you’re like the prize like amazing and I
also teach women how to unleash their Unstoppable desires so that you’re so connected and clear with everything that
you want so of course you always get it and you get to have it in the juiciest way possible but a lot of women when
they do this kind of work they find that they separate from their partner a lot of women feel like they outgrow their
partner or that their partner is not able to give them what they want or he doesn’t understand them or that you’ve
surpassed him or that you’re more spiritual than him or more involved than him and nothing nothing could be farther
from the truth your man loves that growth and he wants to be on that Journey with you but so many teachers
don’t know how to integrate the relationship so many teachers don’t understand how to bring that
relationship container into that growth journey and how to help women grow with their man and and see his gifts and his
spirituality and his zone of genius and what he is there to give you and to gift you and to guide you in because you’re
in your control place and I know because I was in my control place too
um and so you know there’s so many different things right like some of the things like because there’s also these
rules right if you if you’ve learned about polarity about masculine and feminine
um or if you’re on a journey of like trying to make your relationship better like there’s so many things that you
should do or that you shouldn’t do or the right thing or the wrong thing and I’ve had so many women ask me like is
this right or is this feminine enough or am I let me just tell you I made every mistake so if you’re in a human design
I’m a I’m a three five generator and my my purpose my energetic was to make all
the mistakes and to try all the things so that the women that work with me don’t have to go through all the trial
and error so I can like shortcut you through everything and one of the things
right like maybe you don’t know this about me right because I’m teaching about the divine feminine and about relationship I actually proposed to my
husband I surprised him we were living apart for three years and that was something that
I did right we fell in love we weren’t supposed to fall in love because I was leaving New York and I didn’t want
attachments and I was just like but we really fell in love and this is the crazy thing right like most people or
most moms would tell you like you can’t leave like you have a relationship and
you’re you’re turning 30 and like you can’t just walk away from that to just do what you want but I did I
knew that I wanted to move to Berlin I knew that I wanted to study at this incredible somatic therapy and healing
school like I knew that what I want there was something out there that I wanted and if I had let a relationship
or if I had let this thinking of like oh I can’t do that because what if we break up what if I don’t find somebody else
like what if I ruin this or what if he thinks I don’t love him or what if what if what if would have it right and if I
had stayed like the resentment inside of me the frustration inside to be the unfulfilled parts of me because I didn’t
fully do what I wanted to do would eat at me and that happens to so many women women are taught to compromise women are
taught not to do all the things that you want to do because it’s crazy and it’s too much and who’s going to love you and
who’s going to stick around and and you can’t you can’t do those things it’s not safe it’s not secure it’s not logical
I’ll talk a lot tomorrow about it’s not logical and it wasn’t logical but I went
like that’s what my heart wanted and because of things like that me and Dan have built this relationship where he’s
never going to get in the way of what I truly want and I’m never going to get in the way of what he truly wants because I
understand and he understands that what the other person really desires even if I think it’s dumb or weird or even if he
thinks okay she’s going to Berlin and she’s leaving me she must not really care about me it’s it’s
just the fear talking and so we have this relationship where we we do and we
give full permission to each other to do whatever the other person wants and I
mean there’s some what you know we talk about things of course and we have that communication but we’re not in that fear
space we’re not in that like limiting space of like you can’t do that that’s not how relationships work like because
I’d rather be in a relationship where I have total freedom or I never feel like I can’t do something because of my
partner that just breeds so much resentment and so we never compromise in our relationship and we’re moving to
Berlin for three years was the beginning of that where we instead of having a long-distance relationship doesn’t that
sound so heavy we had what we called we rebranded it a super fun travel relationship and so we meet around the
world we went to Russia together we went to Israel together we went to Burning Man to California to gosh all over the
place actually we even got married while we were still living apart remember I said that we’re the most
untraditional traditional couple that we didn’t live together when we got engaged and married
um man that was super fun
um yeah we’ve done so many different things but we because we’ve built the basis in this relationship where we not
only trust the other person and we know that we can bring whatever to that other person but that we’re never going to get
in each other’s way we’re not interested in stopping the other person from being
fully expressed from fully going after what they want from doing all the things from living a full life and we’re
constantly looking for ways to like yeah to be an approval or to be in support now we’ve had we’ve had our issues and
when I was first learning about um feminine and masculine energetic
Dynamics like let’s just say that was a real eye-opener for me because the beginning of our relationship
um yeah I don’t know how else to say it you can ask Dano as a total
I was this corporate sarcastic New York City and um and there were a lot
of things that I needed to learn how to let go in order to let my husband really
love me in order to feel his masculine confidence and his leadership and his
love and his care for me and I didn’t know how to do that so many women so
many strong women so many goal-oriented type a women women in their masculine we
don’t you don’t know how to do that nobody taught you your your mom didn’t know how to to emulate that to show you
that to teach you that you know our parents generation had such difficult bigger things that they had to work
through that you know um they didn’t have that gift or that experience students to to pass down to us and so if
you’re watching this this is an opportunity for you your relationship no matter how challenging or how
interesting or how fulfilling or how sexless or whatever it is is that’s the
opportunity for you right now you might not know that that it’s not like oh I can’t have that or oh I guess I just
have to put up with that or oh I guess that’s just like how it is or you know relationships get boring or sex goes
away or you just have to compromise and give some things up like if you have
that in your head um I I used to have that too right I was taught those things too it doesn’t have
to be that way I want you to understand what you’d have a mindset shift that that is actually your biggest opportunity and blessing what isn’t
working right now that is a portal for you and I’d love to show you how if if
you want to know just shoot me a DM and um I’m a safe space I mean I’ve held it all for so many hundreds of women in
this past decade of healing and growth where you can tell me that struggle that might be going on or that challenge or
that thing that you aren’t getting because if you really want to have an unfuck-withable partnership where you
can have absolutely everything but even more because you have someone in your
corner and you have all of their resources all of their energy all of their that way that they see the world
different that their ideas are different that their um skills are different
you’re so lucky you are so much stronger and more powerful and capable and
there’s so much more momentum where there is another person but if you feel like there’s a place where momentum
feels stopped or blocked just let me know just shoot me a message or comment here and I’ll tell you exactly like what
is the real real of what’s going on and how easy it can be to shift that because
truly when you know what I know and when you’ve seen what I’ve seen and working with hundreds of women to have the
relationship of their dreams what you realize so quickly is how much your man wants to please you how much he wants to
be your hero how much he wants to give you absolutely everything like it’s just this core need for so many men
to make their woman happy and there’s just a cross communication like a
miscommunication there and it’s so simple to fix but there’s just some patterning that you get to shift in
yourself and what the shifting is it just is oh how can you enjoy yourself more how can you just understand that
you get to have everything and actually let that in how can you open up to your man so that you can receive all of those
things that you want so you can enjoy it so that he can enjoy it too like you know you get to go from this downward
spiral of like nagging and like picking at each other and why haven’t you done this and why don’t you ever do that to
what I call this upward cycle of co-creation where you just keep giving to each other and building up each other
and becoming like more powerful together more fulfilled together and everything becomes possible everything becomes
possible and this is nothing against single people it’s just impossible to do
what couples can do together with the shared Resources with the momentum like
what me and Dan have built in these past um 10 years it’s just since we’ve done
this work by the way because there was a point in our relationship where I had this come to Jesus of like oh my God I
am totally blocking my husband I’m getting in the way of him being everything that I need him to be and um
and I just I had to choose like you have to decide to stop doing that so that you can receive all the things that he wants
to give you and so that you guys can rise together so that you can experience like since that moment we have been in
massive growth after that is when we got pregnant together when we bought our first home together which when we
started our first short-term rental business together when we started our
um our Healing Centers together we obviously lived through the pandemic together we had to close those
businesses we had our highest generating Revenue months ever ever in March 2020
and then in April 2020 we’re at zero dollars and we had to start over from scratch and from there you know buying
multiple properties we bought four homes we sold flipped one of those homes we started our short-term rental business
we’re living in our dream home we’re traveling we just bought tickets to uh
Miami and we booked our Dream hotel we bought tickets to Israel yesterday like
we’re going to Madrid we’re going to I mean all different kinds of places we’re doing such cool things and I’m not
telling you that because like I just want to brag about how good my life is but as a testament and a testimony to
how good your relationship gets to be even if it feels challenging even if your husband or your masculine partner
feels like a stick in the mud or he doesn’t get her he feels like well I’m
giving financially I you know I’m not gonna I’m giving enough or and there’s
that miscommunication I just want you to know that it is so fixable it happens
all the time I was uh doing a private session with one of my VIP clients and
her husband and they had such a beautiful breakthrough where he he said you know I’ve never shared this with you
before and I want to tell you and um and in that moment when he shared this really tender and beautiful way that he
wanted to be there for her it was like such a healing I was just so beautiful and um and most women don’t get to
experience that you don’t get to feel that from your partner it’s very rare and you get to have that every day you
get to have that every week that kind of connection that kind of support the kind of love the kind of momentum that kind
of fun that kind of freedom yeah do it with your best friend do with your partner build that life build that dream
together all right I’m gonna go this is a very long live today um but if you want to talk about any of
this if you have any questions leave a comment shoot me a DM if you want my
free gift that I’m dropping on my birthday on January 18th send me a message leave a comment that says gift
give it to me give it to me and I’ll be so happy to share I’m here because I want every woman to experience having it
all and not having it all in that stressful like how do I carry all this kind of way but in this way that oh
you can hold all of it and you’re excited to hold all of it and you keep expanding into like possibility and you
have your man like he’s at your back and you can just do everything together and have everything together you have the
career that you want the money that you want the support that you want the fun that you want the home that you want
your experience of motherhood that you want your experience of being a daughter and a woman in this world that you want
you can have that you deserve that and not many people are talking about it and that is why I’m here to show you that
it’s possible so I love you I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my transition from being
corporate boss bit New York City um kind of Devil’s word Devil Wears
Prada situation vibe to being like a Healer and a teacher and open-hearted
and and working with magic and manifestation and just letting everything finally be good in my
life and giving it back and paying it forward to any woman any person that
wants to to have that experience with me all right I love you guys so much and I’ll see you tomorrow and I can’t wait
to chat more bye

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