The Have It All Method(TM) is the bessssssst.

Some of the “assignments” my clients are currently having fun with:

– Celebrate yourself every day and share it with me. If you can’t think of something, ask your husband to celebrate about you.
– Go clothes shopping and buy yourself 3 things that make you feel sensual and confident while you’re working at home.
– Start “sexy Shabbat” with your husband as a weekly time to come together and bring back the fun
– Notice the urge to get up and do something – and don’t do it. Give yourself a little treat every time you accomplish this, no matter how often.
– Morning dance party – raise your vibe, feel sexy and sensual and alive in your body, have more fun

The Have It All Method(TM) is the bessssssst.
Does your personal development journey feel this good too?

The Have It All Method(TM) is the bessssssst.

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