I tried so hard to do all the “right things” to be successful.

I tried so hard to do all the “right things” to be successful.

The coaches, the courses, the pivots.

And no matter how much money I made – both in Corporate America and as an Entrepreneur- I always got to a point where I was pushing myself too hard to hit my next goal and be better and make more…

That I inevitably triggered my anxiety, burnt out and lost my passion for what I did.

Turns out – I don’t really want to work so hard.

Maybe not at all 🙈

And it’s scary to say that, being raised by hard-working immigrant parents and having boss-babed so hard for the past decade.

But my heart just isn’t in the boss babe race right now.

“Even if you win the rate race, you’re still a rat 🐀 “

I want to lay by the ocean and eat frozen grapes.
Make ceramics (what I wish I had majored in…).
Have lazy mornings in bed on weekdays.
Smoke a bowl with my afternoon coffee.
Go on day dates with my husband and not worry that I have work conflicts on my calendar.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Giving myself full permission to stop trying so hard and enjoy my actual life.

And I want to extend that permission to you too.

I’m not a millionaire and we don’t have another paycheck to fall back on.

But I trust myself and we’ll figure it out.

We always do.

As long as we’re healthy and happy.

You feel me?

This is a sign to:

✨Take that break.
✨Don’t know what to do next.
✨Open your mind to a new way of getting what you want that doesn’t feel so hard.

And comment “Satisfied” for my free Satisfaction Assessment gift 🎁 that will show you how easy it is to have exactly what you want too 😘

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I tried so hard to do all the “right things” to be successful.

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