Feeling stuck when something hard is happening?

Do you freeze 🥶 or feeling stuck when something hard is happening?

[SAVE THIS as a reminder the next time you’re frozen and don’t know what to do.]

When we’re in pain or fear, freezing is a totally natural response – it’s 1 way our animal body knows to find safety, in addition to fight or flight or fawning.

Here are 3 foolproof ways to get back into flow + feel better and LIVE again (instead of staying trapped in your trauma response):

1. Come back to gratitude.

2. Let go of what doesn’t matter.

3. Celebrate the F out of your life and all the good that’s there

We need joy and pleasure more than ever when things are hard – it’s part of resiliency and being healthy and alive.

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Feeling stuck when something hard is happening?

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