This one thing changes everything 👇👇

Believing that it’s possible.

It breaks my heart to hear so many women say “my husband isn’t capable” or “it’s just how men are ” 👎

It’s like most modern women are under a spell that marriage means sacrifice and accepting less. 🤦🏻‍♀️

That you’ll always have to give up something, feel burnt out, never excel at home or at work, carry guilt + frustration…

But when you break out of that delusion, life gets so good! 🙏🏼

It’s the first step to having it all – a family, marriage and career that truly satisfy you, while you feel happy and love your life – without ever agreeing to sh*t you don’t want:

Deciding you want more – for the both of you. ⚡️

The women I mentor don’t do compromises or putting their needs last.

They value themselves and how they feel as a priority – and model to their husbands how they deserve to be treated and cared for.

Because if you’re not fully happy, your man isn’t either #realtalk.

And waiting for him to take the initiative to give you what you really want when you won’t do it for yourself will never work.

So what will?

💕Create your relationship vision.

💡Get clear on what you want and how good it gets to be.

✨Then raise your standards and honor your boundaries, from a place of love (and not in some power struggle with the person you’re partners with and building a life together).

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This one thing changes everything 👇👇

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