So many successful women are making this mistake:

So many successful women are making this mistake:

Success won’t make you feel successful.

I know it’s not what they taught you – and working hard and hitting your goals does feel so good…

But the energy you’ve been trained to use to get there? It’s exhausting.

Do more, hustle, take care of everything, fight, demand, push.

If it doesn’t feel good – it won’t feel good long-term after you “win”.

And your relationships and home life definitely won’t feel good either.

Here’s what you do to change this cycle:

1. Pay attention to when you’ve switched into an energy or vibe you don’t enjoy.

2. Take a pause and decide if you want to do the thing and change your energy so you feel how you want -or- stop doing the thing so your energy can change. Your choice.

3. Move on with your day.

This is called having High Standards – making sure everything in your life works and feels the way you want it to.

And that’s only something you can be responsible for.

Try it now + lmk how it goes.

Or comment “MOOD” and I’ll show you how easy and fun it gets to be to make everything in your life and marriage work for you.

So many successful women are making this mistake:

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