I trigger some women so hard #whoops

I trigger some women so hard #whoops

Because I do everything I want to do and nothing I don’t.

I don’t people please, I am clear about what works for me and will speak it.

I hold powerful, loving boundaries that make everyone rise and evolve into their own betterment too.

I’m so good at saying “no” – and don’t need to have a “reason”.

My no is enough.

I’d rather be late than be stressed, so I’m always not on time but I AM always enjoying the journey.

I have a 5 year old and I will reschedule an appointment if I’d rather spend time with her, or even just have me time.

Even if it’s with a client.

Because I’m cool with moms and women taking the time they need, when they need it – instead of living in burnout or guilt or obligation.

Oh yea – I don’t feel guilty. Ever.

I am immensely privileged and I own that and enjoy it to its fullest.

My family came from nothing and I am proud to honor them by having it all, especially all the things they couldn’t enjoy.

I am my ancestors – even my parents’ – wildest dreams in flesh and blood and play and joy and abundance.

I am living MY life!

And it’s fcking glorious.

Are you? 😉

I trigger some women so hard #whoops

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