Women DESERVE ease.

“I did everything I was supposed to – paid my dues in my 20s, built expertise in my 30s, to really hit my stride of my 40s – so why is it still so hard?”

Sound familiar? 👆🏼

Women are trying to be good, to do it “right”, to make the best of it.
And it has to stop.

These systems are not built for us – they never were.

So it’s up to us to do it differently.

To say no.
To be “bad”.
To not take one for the team or be a star employee or run ragged between the demands of personal and professional life, at the expense of our happiness, health, and families.

Women tell me:
“I’m not asking for easy. I don’t want easy. I never have.”

Why not?

Women DESERVE ease.
You deserve to have time for all the things you want and who you want to be, for yourself and for your family.

And your daughters (and mine) DESERVE to see us own that and live that if we want it to be different for their generation.

It’s time to stop doing it the way our mothers did it (with immense gratitude for every woman who has paved the way before us) – and start standing up for ourselves, our needs, and the way we want to build our version of success instead of trying to navigate a system that was never built to consider our unique needs, energetic systems, mental capacity and responsibilities as women.

And yes it CAN be easy – comment “Tools! below and I’ll send you the easiest one to get you started.

Women DESERVE ease.

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