What’s helping me right now ❤️

It’s a heavy time for many of us.

The news, the fighting, the hatred, the justification of so much violence…
It can suck you under.

When things are dark, we can isolate and get consumed by the anger and pain and the fear.

As if that is the only thing there is.

I know I’ve found myself there many times in these past 10 days that feel like a lifetime…

But staying stuck won’t help you or anyone.

Feeling guilty and not living your life won’t help anyone.

(Neither will fighting on social media or justifying ANY of the violence that is a million miles away and doesn’t affect you personally, so please stop being a keyboard activist reposting biased information that supports your 1-sided narrative when the only thing you have riding on this is your self-righteousness, thanks! There are better ways to feel like a good person, like reaching out to a friend who is hurting and needs love right now ❤️)

Because the ONLY thing that makes it better – or different – is to let the energy move, let my mind move, let my body move, let yourself move – even if it’s in and out of pain.

I know the human act of moving and expanding and opening to ALL OF LIFE is what is saving me right now.

✨ This could mean dancing or taking a walk.
✨ It could also mean talking or crying.
✨ It could look like listening to an inspiring talk from my fav, Abraham Hicks.
✨ Or a hug from my husband.
✨ Or thinking big with my clients about their dreams and celebrating their wins.
✨ Or talking to so many women that have been reaching out in my DMs, that are clear that they will no longer hold back their dreams + desires for 1 more moment…

Because life is too precious. 💖

Because this is our one shot.

Because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Because you deserve to be loved and have the most fun and make all the money and enjoy your family and LIVE EXACTLY HOW YOU DESIRE every single day.


All of it.

Right now.

And if you need help getting out of your funk or out of your way, I’m here.
For the heaviest of heavy and for the most fantastical and magical and next-level.

It gets to be good, really good.

And it will be.

I’m with you in all of it ❤️

Because that is the power of being a Have It All Queen.

Nothing can stop you.

What's helping me right now ❤️

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