People are attracted to your energy in a different kind of way.

“Everyone was staring at me… and I loved it.” 😏

This was a steamy comment one of my clients made to me recently.

You see, when you turn on your Empowered Matriarch energy and fully embody it…

People are attracted to your energy in a different kind of way.

I had this particular client play with this energy earlier last week.

She’s said time and time again that she doesn’t like how she looks in bathing suits, yet loves to treat her Goddess self to a relaxing steam in the sauna.

I told her that she didn’t have to like how she looks, but I wanted her to walk in a way that feels really juicy for her.

We worked on an energetic practice and somatic work that allowed her to embody the Empowered Matriarch.

This is the woman who is fully loving and approving of who she is.

The woman who never feels like she’s asking too much or her desires are too big.

The vibe is “of course!” – with certainty and the inevitability that everything you want is coming for you—because that’s just how the world works for you now.

After the practice, she went to the sauna, ready to soak in pleasure, flow, and relaxation.

“Michelle, everyone was staring at me! Men and women! Everyone was smiling at me and wanting to strike up conversations.”

She was literally magnetic to the entire world around her.

That’s what happens when you deepen in your Divine Feminine Energy.

It’s about rediscovering your connection to your most powerful, internal flow.

And embracing your passion while being totally connected to your pleasure and power.

Sounds pretty juicy, right?

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People are attracted to your energy in a different kind of way.

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