On a Healing Journey?

OF COURSE you feel this way…

After working with thousands of women who are releasing everything that holds them back and OWNING who they are and what they want,

I want you to know that of course you’ll have moments where you’re afraid to “go there” and touch old pain or sadness or fear. [[Save this post for when you feel stuck or afraid ♥️ + Share with a friend on her healing journey]]

Growth can be scary, especially when you’re working with your shadows + trauma + things you didn’t know how to deal with before… or that you had to endure in order to survive.

But you’re reading this now because you don’t want to be controlled by your past experiences – double tap and hit LIKE on this reel if you want an AMAZING life! – so here’s something incredibly important that I want you to know: ✨

You can’t retraumatize yourself backwards by confronting and feeling what remains from the pain of your past.✨

Whatever you’re healing now, is the residue of something you already experienced. You’ve already lived through the trauma and survived it – you’re bigger than it and you have more tools, awareness, + wisdom where you are now. So why is it so scary?

Because you have the belief that if you don’t use the same survival strategy – the one that’s actually causing you to experience limiting patterns like disconnection or anxiety or – then somehow you’ll “die”. And that’s actually what healing is all about!

A good teacher or coach will show you how to stop using the same strategies that you had to use in the past to survive – because you’re not in danger anymore and you want more than survival. You have dreams and desires that are more important than just staying safe.

You want that old pattern to die, so you can experience the possibility of something new: experiencing profound happiness, fun and fulfillment in every area of your life!

Trying new things and being curious is literally how we break patterns and open up to the possibility of new things happening! You can’t fuck it up! (Cont in the comments…)

On a Healing Journey?

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