How your pain can you make your dream come true

My heart feels heavy as my beloved dog, who was by my side for 15 incredible years, recently passed away. πŸ’”

The grief is overwhelming, and it feels like a piece of my heart is missing. As a #somatictherapist and #embodimentcoach, I understand the power of holding ourselves in the intensity of emotions, both the raw and painful ones, as well as the moments that are really, really good.

I’ve learned that pushing away discomfort only limits our body’s capacity to hold intensity, which means we unintentionally restrict our ability to experience the true depth of joy and happiness as well. Losing my dog has reminded me of the importance of this practice.

In the midst of grief, I’m learning to hold myself and honor the pain, allowing it to wash over me and acknowledging the immense love and bond we shared. It’s through this process that healing can truly begin. So, as we navigate our own journeys, remember that life is a mixture of experiences, both beautiful and painful.

It’s about finding the courage to be present with ourselves, to embrace vulnerability, and to honor the full range of emotions that make us human. I share this personal story not only to heal and honor my dear dog but also to remind you that we are all on this journey together. To all those who have experienced loss, my heart goes out to you.

May we find solace in the memories and the love we shared, knowing that our capacity to hold both pain and joy is what allows us to truly thrive. We’re in this together, babe!

How your pain can you make your dream come true

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