Feel like you’re “not enough”?

I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself that I’m not enough.

I’m not doing enough.

I’m not brave enough.

I’m not strong enough.

It really doesn’t feel good (especially on top of the grief I’m working through every day) 🥴 – and is the opposite of helpful.

In fact, it makes me feel heavy AF.

Stagnant. Stuck.

A self-fulfilling prophecy.

So I turned to my husband and he reminded me (which I want to share in case you need the reminder too):

➡️ “Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.”

➡️ “You’re carrying too much of the weight of the world on your shoulders. Put it down.”

➡️ “You’re not responsible for fixing everything – you’re important, but you’re not THAT important.” (this one stung my ego a bit, but damn he’s right)

And once I dropped the pressure, my next steps became clear:

✨ Go back to your tools.

✨ Use your gifts.

✨ Help your people.

This week, you’ll watch me step back up into doing what I was BORN to do – what I have the privilege to do publicly and that my ancestors had to either do in secret or abandon in order to survive – and what we must do as women in order to break free from survival mode.

I’m done telling myself I’m not enough and freezing myself into a self-fulfilling prophecy where I choke #personalresponsibility

I am going to reconnect with my inner-magic and my pleasure and my joy – and I’m going to invite you to join me.

Because life is hard and scary and ugly sometimes.

But it helps no one to weaponize that energy against yourself as you stay on the hamster wheel of survival.

When the world needs women who are nourished, turned-on, powerful, free and creating the world we want to live in.

And that’s why I’m so excited for what I’m launching this week.

One of my most beloved programs that has changed the lives of hundreds of women who have gathered with me to strengthen and honor and uplift themselves.

For our families, for our collective future, for a better world.

And most importantly for ourselves.

The world needs more conscious women who are fueled by love and happiness and possibility.

And the work I do is the PERSONAL ACTIVISM that women like us require if we’re going to stay committed to creating a better future for ourselves + the ones we love.

It starts within me and within you. 💖


LMK if you’re ready to turn your inner magic all the way up.

Feel like you're "not enough"?

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