Don’t try to prioritize yourself – just make it a “me too” Summer.

I just heard the worst advice for moms this Summer:

“Don’t try to prioritize yourself – just make it a “me too” Summer.”


Stop telling moms their needs come last.✋🏻

Stop grooming women to suck it up and put everybody else first.

If you are drowning right now because you’re trying to juggle work and kids home for Summer – you are needlessly suffering + accepting it as normal.

You’re sending the message to everyone else (and to yourself) that you don’t matter.

And it’s making you exhausted, resentful and not the mom or wife you want to be.

There’s a better way – where you get to have great boundaries, be more supported, watch your family step up for you, have more time AND feel deep joy that comes from within (and not only because your kids are happy).

And the ONLY thing you need to “do” is shift your energy.⚡️

Activate a part of you that I like to call your Vagenius – which makes you feel like magic, which means life responds to you in ways that might make your brain say..

“Shut up Michelle, that’s not possible.”

Oh but it is.

It’s why my clients are creating lives that support their pleasure (while their families benefit and their marriages blossom), redefining their careers (making more money while working less. enjoying what they do and having more balance), loving motherhood (taking on tasks that light them up and having more fun with their kids, while their husbands happily find solutions for everything else)…

Want to stop drowning and get you some of that?

And want it to feel EASY AF – especially with summer break looming and you don’t know how you’re going to cope without freaking out?✨

Yes, you do.

Don’t try to prioritize yourself - just make it a “me too” Summer.

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