4-steps in 4-days to become a full-bodied YES! to the life, career, + relationship of your dreams – so you’re in your “Have It All + Happy As F*ck” era.

There was a time when I believed that what I wanted was an inconvenience to others.💔

But I couldn’t stop yearning for the things that felt “right” to me… even if others couldn’t understand or didn’t agree.

How could I make choices from my intuition and actually honor my desires… if it felt like the world was constantly shaming me for fully choosing MYSELF? And how could I be a good wife, mother, daughter and woman… if I only did what was in ALIGNMEMT with what I wanted? How could I possibly be “good” when I listened to myself first?

Coming into ✨Alignment✨ changed everything.

Most of us are brought up to do things we don’t really want to do, to sacrifice our needs, and to be ok with disappointment.

Can it ever change?

💜Maybe one day you realize you’re done accepting less than what you really want…

💜Maybe one day you decide you have every right to feel good every day, to prioritize yourself, and to listen to the voice inside of you that KNOWS what you need to do next… instead of what’s expected of you…

💜Maybe you’re ready to understand that when you do what is in alignment for you, everybody who loves you wins – that trusting your deep knowing is the key to a fulfillment beyond logic and reason.

Maybe it’s today?


Become a Channel For Everything You Desire

Alignment Experience October 2-5

From Oct 2-5, I will be sharing the exact way that thousands of my clients – amazing women like you who unapologetically want it all in life – have transformed everything in their life to meet their highest of standards.

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Learn How To:


Create a high-standard life full of ONLY what feels good to you.


Become your most abundant, magnetic, fulfilled and powerful self.


Decide + receive (no more denying yourself).

I’II give you a quick and easy activation during each live session on October 2 – 6 at 1pm EST, and in 5 days you’ll be celebrating how AMAZING YOU FEEL and how good your life is… as your wildest manifestations come true.🔥

The Journey:

DAY 1: Unlocking Your Desire

DAY 2: OF COURSE Energy + The Power of Deciding

DAY 3: Dissolving Your Blocks

DAY 4: Aligning to Your YES

Recorded Live Online with limited replay access for the recordings.


Michelle Keinan is the Have It All Queen – a mentor and Wild Feminine Embodiment coach for driven women who want the best in life, marriage, career, + motherhood – no compromises – in the easiest, most fun and pleasurable way possible.

As a Somatic Therapist and NLP practitioner she uses mental, emotional, embodiment + energetic practices to help thousands of busy women let go of what isn’t working, so they can become “Wildly Successful Women” on their terms, while always unapologetically prioritizing themselves, enjoying their lives + feeling incredibly connected to and supported by their partners!

Michelle Keinan Have It All Queen and wild embodiment coach

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