👉Aren’t you TIRED…

👉Aren’t you TIRED… of feeling validated by other women who are suffering and doing sh*t they don’t want to do… before resuming the same BS? 🫣

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I’ve got something much better for you than saying “Ugh me too!”

Because it’s time you realized that the world (and your husband) meets you at the standard you accept for yourself

If you’re not getting what you want – and you’re doing things you don’t want to do (like picking up after others)…

It’s time to take some responsibility.

No I don’t mean for other people.

I mean for YOURSELF.

Because doing things you don’t like and then getting angry about it isn’t going to change anything.

Or else things would be different already – and they’re not. 🤯

And sure you can look at all the women out there who are unsatisfied and say that this is normal and keep complaining.


You can work with me and I can teach you how to have a marriage, family, career and life that meets your wildest expectations – and is only full of things that are a full-bodied YES.  ❤️‍🔥

Instead of “guess I have to do all that stuff every day that no one else will do…”

Want to play with the possibility?

Comment 🔗 “LINK” for my podcast episode “Why Are Men Like This?” + I’ll share ALL the tea on how easy life gets to be when you put your needs and desires first (instead of sucking it up again today).

Aren’t you curious? 😉

Follow @Michellekeinan for tools, embodiment practices and mindset shifts on how to be a fully satisfied woman, wife and mom who has it all, while feeling amazing every single day.

Easy peasy, I promise. 🤙

👉Aren’t you TIRED...

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